happy happy!

click this button to help sponsor an animal free bowls of food for FREE. it doesn’t cost you a thing.. so click! -.-” i cant BELIEVE SARA DIDNT CLICK THIS. OMG. heartless creature. -.-“
Thanks Noraishah for clicking! =D
i am so very glad this dog, Dutchess has found a new home for the holidays.. (: i just feel so happy.. THANK YOU ALL CARE2 MEMBERS… GAAAAAHHH… sooooo haaaaapppyyyyy for her! Now she can restart her life.. instead of giving up… (: 3>

will blog bout sunday soon. ^^ dada..

im so fond of care2 cus they treasure each & every of their members.. everytime we did something, they’d reward us by giving us a butterfly each for the petitions we did sign.. they say “thank you” for everything.. & the members are so kind.. (: i’ve collected 7 green stars so far.. am hoping to have MORE butterflies.. more stars & oh my. The Golden Note.. like duhh…

I’m also fond of The Animal Rescue Site.. which is what that button above there is for.. (: do please click on it. No harm. i swear. there’s no PLEASE DONATE.. or spam mails or watever. u just click on the darned button & you’re free to go.

Is that why you’re so scared to click, people?
i’m so hurt. ): ofcourse you can just click twice [click the button, click the button on their site & close the window or press back to come back here] sighs*

is helping just so hard to do? it makes me wonder. deeply.

p/s: i felt so fond of Noraishah after she did tell me she pressed the button. *smiles* ok. im obsessed.. but im obsessed of helping.. why shouldn’t i? do explain.

Prices Nego….

Sponsor an animal free bowls of food for free.. it doesn’t cost you a thing. [pssst, if can, come back & click it daily (: it’ll help tremendously.. your efforts would be greatly appreciated, love.] it’s the least you can do.. the second least is to fo course, donate blankets/money to shelters & etc. (: Thank you.


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