so neat isn’t it. ^^ zingers..shrooms.. [& oh! i love the red one, new wrapping paper for the fillet burger.. i loveeeee it] the Wow! meals burgers [shrooms & fillet] are so small.. i feel so… i feel so.. i dunno wat i feel.. but i def. feel sometin evytime i look at it! & then cheesefries.. oh. lovely.
tis twit here. has the waist to die for.
sadly he doesnt have a hourglass figure.. -.-” but then again.. he’s a boy.. oh. & tats xiang long btw..

work ah… was alrite luhs today. i think..

nothing interesting to report — sadly..

butbut *splutters*
a girl greeted me with a cheerful “hi!” at the resting room when i went for a break jznw..
so sweet ^^ *beaming*

awww… ooh. not onli dat — + a great big smile with whole set of teeths.

okeeee…. tat cheered me up la realli.. tat means, as a cashier — im doing sumtin right.. arent i ling??

oh & tat stupid new CMS [customer maniac _________ ] tingy? IM SO NOT GONNER DO IT. if i fail… *kekekeke* *shrugs* ^^ they’re not gonner come after me with a butcher’s knife are they & threaten me to learn my lines?

i wonder y ling hasnt updated her blog PLUS she has no tagboard.. wtfh.

& i wish i could do something handmade ya noe..
tat kinda thing..
people make quilts.. accesories.. keychains.. knittings.. crochets.. & it just looks so fun.
i wanna do something too. *teardropp*
well. baking comes to mind.. but GAAAAHHHH… i need an inspirational kitchen.

& i wish i could follow kyn & her pri.sch fwens on sat..
but dunno whthr they’d allow it ornot..

so lonely sehhs.

tmr is bound to be a fun wurking day.
cus syaheer’s working.
tat is if he doesnt sabo.
abuzar’s working..
i tink i saw wrongly but is suhaimi wurking?
i dunno. if he is.. then if he & syaheer clashes..
sure got some funny things happening..
or then again.. boring can just be around the corner..

&& i tink tat XL is mean..
he makes fun of the deaf riders.
i hope HE becomes deaf for a day then i make fun of him.

i’ve been thinking of baking a pizza..
but then again.
i’ve been thinking about baking alot of things but i never do.

like whydh8wehrdjmfklje HELL.

i would love to start my own business.. x)
im such a retail person..
a rude retail person…
but a charming retail person… ^^v

okehhs. taz all losers. ^^


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