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[*Only click if u love animals*] if u dun, keep ur fucking comments to ur fucking self. Chase is a lovely kitty… (:

Heylo! uhum. i am so proud to present to you:
“Worth Clicking clicks”
it’s been categorised for you for easy clickages =D
feel free.. see. i love u all so much that i did that:
for you. x)

& chill out here lah with coffee. just relax & check out those refreshing links.
they’re really cute sites i’ve bookmarked & wanna share out. =D
more to come, so don’t worry yO.

[p/s: i personally am very fond of Fashion Nation.. GAAAAHHH.. for all ya who love fashion (: it’s really a lovely site. so much to find out!]

bf has gone to night job. jus for tonight. hurrhurr.
lucky zulkifli’s wit him.

hope they’re fine. 😮

today work? well well..
what can i say.

it’s okay lah.
but according to kai le.
i never do work.
all i can say is: hehehehe..

put tat jason dude in base lah.
i can do fine on my own. really2.

&& jason made fun of me.
yeah he did.
JASON okeh.
lemme repeat again: JASON.

he say to kai le that my cap so low & everytime he look at me can only see the top of my visor.
cus he’s tall. & i apparently is shorter than all normal people on earth.


enuf lah of this height jokes.

im very sensitive abt my physical appearance.
unless ofcourse, u throw in sincerely tat im very pretty..
*blush deepy crimson*

dream on okeeeeehh

&& ling!
do send me the recipes of ur cereal prawns + pichas & sushi too if you please =DD thankiew babe! [p/s: my next week roster not confirmed yet luh ling, due to that Tangs thingy.. pls pray i get it.. ((: might take 2wks off yo. so sorry luh babe. May or may not only (:]

&& the riders can relek 1 kornar cus im NOT gonner let them get to know/make friends with my sisters!!!

keep on asking.
“kakak amcm, kakak??
“ader kakak tak?”

pls luh. even so. im am so gonner let them stay as far far away from u as i can!
as though im gonner let a couple of muttrepz befriend my precious sisters.
pls eh!! stoppit. NO CHANCE. go dream at ur bed there.

&& ling uses light visible brown thread to sew her BLACK pants.
LAWL LING!! wish i cud photo it. can i? oh pls pls pls ((:

then jznw.
got customer.. he & his friend uhh..

his friend served by ling.
he by me.
lets call him: ass.

after Ass is served,
his friend kept nudging him && giggling like girls.
then while paying suddenly he say
“can i say something, i want you. *points index finger at me*”

i was like “wtf. is tis guy for real. HUH?!”

they were both giggling. yet again.
lemme say tis: that is NOT okay for guys/boys. its just not. so un-macho. u couple of gayfreeks. -.-“

then Ass say :
“sorry, my friend promised me money ah to say that”

why not say to pizzahut girls.
why me???!!!

the last time someone got bet oso go to MY counter!
the one who asked me “do the chicken breasts have nipples?”


does my forehead has “im used for bettings, dare someone to approach me & get a millionbucks, dick.”


irritatink lah..
ling.. cn u do something bou it.. HEHE.. (:

& today ate ALOTT.
witt ling. we always do luhs.

then ling says myb she shd jog home.
ya right ehk!
u go home at 1am still wanna jog..
u XIAO ah?!

& ling says she needs to go Treadmile & weight livings..

i tink i nd to start weight living oso x))


[if ur stupid, it’s normal to ask: what’s the joke? well. it’s spose to be treadmill & weight lifting lah dumb.]

then aft work bf met me frst [took mrt to CT hall from dover luhs]
gave him motivational tawk.
then we play scissor paper stone.
😮 my hand soooo red!!!

he beat me so hard… O.o

well. so did i. HEHE. no mercy uh tat game for us tat is.
it was fun while it lasted.
& nw i miss him. ):

p/s: && tat naomi girl forgot to mail out my items today. -.-” like pffffftttsss. luckily i sms her & she promise to mail tmr. well she btr. i cnt wait to receive my stuffs OKEH. she looks familiar. is she the girl who’s in harith’s friendster/myspace pix. hurrhurr dunno leh. she looks like it..


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