applied. sales associate.

oringe mentel sehhs.. wat a flirt he is when with me.. soooo cute.. =DD
i really really really REAALY wanna tis: it’s by estee lauder.. 😮 GAAAAHHH! i loveeeee the purse.. Ling didnt believe me wen i said i wanted tis. she tinks i black metal. all the metal. gothic bla bla bla. EH. I VERY SWEET GIRL OKEH. hmphx. majok kang.
isnt meelo like the prettiest girl..

Ling! here it is!:
Ytd i said to jeff that i wanted to quit. he replied with a loud: “Quit ur head!” 😮
woops. im trapped.

anyway. today went to vivo.
tried applying at that place. but wanted 18 & above.
i tink 18’s the age whr everything is allowed.
violence. drinking. smoking. s3x.


nt that im any of those. but its sooooooooooo…
its justt soooooooooooooo sickening to hear
“how old r u?”
“oh.. we want only 18 & above”

yeah? well flyingfooks luh.

& especially sickening too is tis:
“oh, we want mandarin speakers”


u just feel like shoving watever they sell on display up their nostrils.

so anw.
i was sooooo nervous when i tried asking.
i tink thats the bravest ting i’ve ever done. ^^ go asfa go.


so then.
thanks to bf luhs.

when i didnt get it,
he took me to Tangs to apply there.
khaizal was working there..
i thought khaizal is a very mat mat rep rep type.
but i guess i was wrong.
he looked pretty smart in the uni too..

&& tat fadilah pekat works there too. =O

gonna be hard to get along eyy if i DO get a job thr.
hope i cn befriend her tho.
she didnt even lift her lips to smile at me wen i did.


& they’re a couple.
sweet ^^ pekat is 1yr or 2yr older than khaizal.. but yeah.
but she’s.. i dunno.
i think she definitely has issues.

-.-” pfffftttsss…

so khaizal tried recommending me..
so good. he really tried to help ^^
soo sweet. i tink bcos bf’s his friend.
well. UHUM.

pekat doesnt look too happy.


so. he says that nexweek wednesday come again..
i wud consperm get the job.
all icn say is: INSYA’ALLAH.

so with tat, i wud like to request ling to let me off for at least 2 weeks. ):
HEY. im not quitting. i love kfc. it’s my home. ^^ i just wanna have 2jobs.

we applied at the security there.. & she said theres no vacancy.
but she let me fill up the form anw.
nx wed i ndd to fill it up again w/o telling anyone the truth abt if i applied tat day wud get it.
& nx weds i’d prolly have to go home at 10pm. =O woaaah. hopefully the ppl thr’re nice.. its so weird stepping there.. so big.. so many staffs & im not used to it. ):
cus im used to small & sweet cosy places with small number of staffs. just like a family ^^ ok. shuttup alrd.
if i dun. tats khaizal’s fault. AHEH. taklah. he was reli nice jznw. so was bf..

bf going interview too at opp. funan IT.
hope he gets it. insya’allah.
he ws late due to helping me aft he heard tat the 1st store i went to din accept 18 below.


then then then. taz all.

i feel MUCH lighter now..

i was soooo nervous..

sooo soooooooo nervous…

p/s: he caaaalllleeddd.. & says he maybe applying tangs wif me.. yayayayayayay! =O

sekali he get & i dun. sialla. i’ll reaaaaaallly give the person the fook of his life siak.

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