-.-" screw.

my hot meelo.. (: with ling’s hand sign indicating tat its gd — her idea.. pls dun look at me lidat.

ling’s preety face. ^^
aunty………………………………. with all the cashier losers & losees. during break time.
her name’s Constance the one in stripes.. very funny. detailed. naggy.
aishah & me. ^^
Me & ling.. ^^
before went to the stupid course.. went breakfast w kyn.. also bought gummy pizza slices.. [classic fav!] =D
yet again.
little miss muffet of a niece.. also called aishah.. why the heck r the ppl ard me called aishah also i dunno seys. -.-“
“hi ma’am, would u like some steam cockies to go with your chilli crabs?” before u noe it, u’ll turn into a cock or u’ll be cocky.. ur just a plain cock.
the 4 witches. *ehem* i feel soo… young..
yet again.. * ehem*
witch 3, witch 4 & L.M.Muffet.
witch 1 & witch 2.
this was a veeeeryy nice cuppa! t’was called…. teh C? c for what? C for….witch # 3.
the boys wit witch.

sara muke lex 1 kornar uh okeh.
u may print & paste tis pic onto ur voodoo doll.

Friday night, met witch # 1at westmall… aheh.

i seem to recall them saying they finally caught me free. ^^
well. imma busy lady ya noee.
must book 1wk adv.

so sara ingatkan nk w/draw.
BUT.. HOLY ___________! [insert choice word]
the queue.. like…
dot dot dot….
i suppose u get my meaning. ^^

so. witch 3 volunteered to pay for the mo.

^^ sho shwweet.

then then..
witch 1 & daughter LM.muffet came down escalator..
waving wildly.
[heh. ok. not really.. errr.. umm. yeah.]

then then then.
the usual xiao cha bor greeting uh.

decided to dine at BK.
butbutbut.. due to some disturbed living souls..
we moved to kfc.. [ehem. shuttup. imma customer]

we bought 2pc meal. chg to reg fries & chsfries.
upsize to large ice tea. add-on 2 large ice teas.
another 1 mre chsfries.. & large p/corn ckn.

then we all share share..
then got some underaged twerps keep staring at me.
& i dun even noe why.
like i owe them a living or sumting.
3 of them.
mak nenek betol.
1 of them minah tudung smre..
soooooooo…. dun judge a bk by its cover…

unless they’re lesbos ofcous..
& my sis suggested the finger lickin good movement or the contented chops licking good gesture.

yeah. why not, i just shove up 100 straws up their ass. thats my fav movement.

unless they noe me… -.-” they shd smile/ give indication they noe me.
why wud anyone noe me anw??

fat chance lah asf.
stop dreaming uhh.

then then..
aft tat,
LM.muffet keep going toilet lurhs.
funny ehk tat girl.
i wonder if i was lidat wen i was young.. =/
running like a leaking tap.
but she’s not whiny.. ^^ i like.


then we moved over to kopi roti..
just beside coffeebean.
abit more cheapo.
but verrrrryyy good tasting teas/coffee/simply drinks.
not much known for their toasts tho. =/ from what my sisters have been babbling abt..
[we all. can tawk for 48hrs. from animals to children to politics. i shd hv recorded our non-stop talk. BUT. Dot dotdot…]
shd hv taken a picture of their logo/name so as to advertise for them.
aku kan free advert blog, if i like wat i c ofcous. ^^
if i dun like pun i advert.

but anyway. try them [anything they sell lah really, very comfy environment in my opinion.]
Kopi Roti, Westmall, next to Coffeebean. Level 1 ofcos.
anyway. so we sat there till bout 11+.
we also chatted bout mudpies, cheesecakes & brownies. would loooooveeee to dish out the “menu” but..im afraid not.. *serene smile* i might get fined for being toooooo razor & many…. mudpies & cheesecakes & brownies wud be erm.. visiting here.. HEH.

then got two business chiobus came to sit on the table behind us.
kept smoking.
gue tabley tahan luhhs..
i tink i almost look like a goldfishy.
then a businessman [with coat hanging on his arms] came towars 1 chio.
[directly behind me]
“excuse me, may i have a cigarette?”
“uh, tat’ll be $0.90 pls..”
“oh, no, thank you”
[note: came from chiobu okeh. dun play2]


i tink he oni got credit card.

so we were discussing bou smokers.
& the cost of smoking.
& that businessman….
is a… erm.. businessman..
but doesnt have his own ciggies.

even my student, young friends hv their own ciggies. -.-“


get hooked to coffee alrd!

then then then.
tat witch # 2 uh. ytd abit of a miss grumps.
but she abit swing2 grumping.
i oso tak paham sehs.
skjap cramp. sjap smiling.
mepek uh kau. period ehks.

then tat benjo oso mr grumps.
or isit he alrd lidat i pun tatawu.

but eh.
get over it okeh. ^^ *smile serenely*
life is full of flowers eventho there are occasional stinging bees]
but. take note of the flowers.

then at 11+
benjo & the boys pick us girlies up.
apparently dorang lapar luhhs..

aiyo thambi.

we went to al-ameen there.
wah. didnt noe the place is a very “hot” place at night.
hot in temp + popularity.

but the ppl tk hot luhs.
maner yg pakai seluar pendeks..
nehmind. dah malam. sape nak nenok kan??

drg nye psl uh. -.-” y do i even bother.

we shared some briyani… blah blah blahs.
briyani was GOOOODDD..

&& then.. cmne nie nak slim-a-lim..
&& then. cutestuff: witch 1 & family wna make family portrait luhhs..
i seem to recall *eyes glinting*
AHEH!! *claps hands* alermak! cool luhh krg!!
but its like so sweet lah kan.

& i wish i cud c how kental i was young.
as in extreme to the extent that nobody can beat my kentalness at all.

benjo def. described it.
if i get hold of it.
i might post it up — under someone else’s name.

anyway. so we went ordered a take-away 10/10 beef/chicken satays home for mum..

reached home at 1am.
9/10 enjoyed..
tat 1 more im not sure go where.. 😉 kekekekeke…

so then TODAY.
tat is a saturday..
house phone rang at about… nearing 10am lidatz.
i was still drooling on my pillow & somehw smwhr i cud sense it was kyn & she would be calling my hp in a mo’.

she did lah sehhs.
i tink when im groggy kan,
i have psychic powers. ^^

so she called & i was forced to call her back cus prepaid low.
she asked me to breakfast,
at 11am.

we so suey lah.
everytime we together..
keep seeing tat girl shameera sehhs.
cnt leave us alone isit.
or our fate or zodiac samer?

so any way it is.
she was there.
on a sat.
we keep seeing her on sats,
kyn, sat nt our day lahh.
i ask u on friday tabley..
see see..
all kau nye pasal. 😉
she had mee siam i had nasi lemak & we both had soyabeans.
&& i got to see dinah!! sooooo keeeyuuuuutttt! & pretty [like duh!]
& her contact lenses.. woah. anway!

ling msged 2x about the cashier course today.
if it wasnt ling, i wud hv sabotaged okeh.
die die i din wna go. ):

but i kindly smsed her say..
“ling, say i sick uh today.. PLSPLSPLS.. u dun say anth.. if they ask me then i ans.. PLZPLZPLZ LING…” heh.
to a point whrr i sound despo.

ling was like “haiya… if today u dun go nxtime u must go alone eh.. tmr u free.. jeff amm & see ho going.

so instead of goingwith the boringZ. might as well go with her ehh.
so i being a gd girl. a gd staff. a gd friend attended the stupid darn thing. -.-“

it was a total waste of my TIME.
i am so not looking to jan 1st’s stupid ass champs check.
im alrd struggling being a cashier..
still stress me with all the chitchat im supposed to feed my customers.
ppl hungry alrd still wanna keep chattering to them uh? isit?
r u [kfc company] crazy?
if i customer, i would be like:

“eh, can just shuddup & give my tray alrd? i fucking hungry uh, i noe wats on the tray, no need to point out. i oso noe wats in the meal. wats ur menu boards for. so take my money alrd & gv my change!”

“okeh ma’am. im sorry, sure, here’s your change, have a nice day, hope u enjoy ur meal”

“LIKE HELL im gona enjoy my meal if u keep chattering!”

but Constance has a good point.
all her points satisfy me on why cashiers are like the freaking most imprtant.
well we better be.


i mean! HEY! wats with the $3.50/hr niee!
y dun part timers hv bonuses too. ):
*tear drop*


i think im gonna fail miserably in this new CMS ting. ):

i cant IMAGINE myself sayin:
“hie, good afternoon ma’am, welcome to kfc, what can i do for you today?”

i swear i cn imagine the SP student’s face.
he/she’ll be too shocked that ME. the snotty/glum-faced cashier is being so friendly.
i tink if can, im supposed to compliment the customer like
“u look great today!”

the new order-taking steps r too chattery for me. -.-“
can the cashier like just shuttup alrd?

by the time finish 1 customer..
queue oso till outside of the school already sehs.

& im not gonna help NON-disabled students [carrying many bags or not]!
*heh* even the DISABLED ones are tooo… ngada2 to be helped. i shd just push them down the stairs.
im not tat kinda slave.
tho ppl call it “kindness”
the most: smile.

&& today the course finish late siak.
so many matrep/minahrep in JE2. lawls.
& Gek Poh.
all mlys siaah.

then went home round 7+ lidat.
i stopped by SP [XL noraishah & me]
cus wanted to eat [noraishah working]
the stupid HQ.. never provide meals.
STUPID betol. dunlike snacks.
*turns up nose*

then in the MRT.
i had succchhhhh a bad tummy..
trying so hard not to pass gas..
to my victims.. im so sorry *smile serenely* hope u had a nice trip home & didnt faint lor…

ok. sorry for the super long post.
i just loooovee blogging. ^^

time to sleep!
its 11.27 alrd..


p/s: every other blog of a teen girl like me i go, all got pix+post of prom night siak. LIKE WTFH. stupid ass of a kent ridge. stupez. never send ur kids there. i take back what i told u akak.. (: take clementi town. HEH! alah. northlights [or watever dunno hw to spell] wud b such a frikken excellent choice la!


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