^^ b versions.

www.plushorange.blogspot.com, click lah & see! NEGO. (:
HOME SWEET HOME . [well. check the pix from bottom to up. not up to bottom yea!]
quartered fish ole.. the sauce is to die for.. & the cheese was melted due to the freshly cooked fish fillet. ahhh… it was SUPER YUM! ling cut in 4, she 2, i 2.
from the bottom side of the ole… gagagagaga.. BETCHA UR JEALOUS. X)
the full version but sliced into 4 alrd. =D nontheless, super yum isnt itt??
zinger also into 4. tis is 1/4 of it. =p too hungry. my comfort food yo..
tis is hazful. the dude hu calls me junior. i hate it sia. he calls me HIS junior. he relax one KORNAR sudaa… but today, not a single word of “junior” did he utter to me.. or i wud’ve gone crazy & shouted at him yet again.
tis is xiang long. my classmate. my colleague. my recommender. he’s the one who recomended me to kfc ginza plaza. thankz to him. he was savouring the sharks fin soup.. i took it w/o perm. he eats alot. despite his size zero waist. arghh!! galz wud DIE for his waist. myb he has a sickness? or a huge worm the size of a anaconda in his stomach.. or myb it’s jus that he’s lucky high metabolism.. im so bitter a girl..
im so short. blame it on mum & dad. thats NANA the china girl who drives cashiers crazy with her 5x “ah??” when we command orders. ling was unfortunate today ^^
me hair me hair soooo thicko. nana [she’s got a sweet face] && ling the lovable pretty.
I LOVE TIS. “eh? can alrd anot?” “dunno eh.. i tink cn uh”[moves toward camera] *SNAP*
me cap shadowed me face.
XL agen. mymy.. he ate 2-3 tupperwares of that sharks fin soup. ontop of tat, twice cheesefries & p/corn chicken. HE IS TO BE ENVIED. its time he grows fat sehh. ): nature is so unfair.
see that plastic bag? its alllllllll his. (:

tis is Suresh. the head of all the riders there. he was pretty moody today.
ling want to complain that since cnt use hp at work, use workplace tele? LOL. bad bad..
tis is AMRI. the cook.
Nana at work. & suresh by the side. closer shot of below.

XL blur.
tis is the famous jason u’ve all been reading abt. its his left hand tats hurt. still plastered.

before work, introducing Chum Chum.. (: she’s a pretty long tailed naughty useless cat.

In a way, having jason as cashier is a blessing. i get to do things i cant do when im alone cashier. i get to take long breaks. [i practically din work lah tday. LOL, mkn gaji buta sehs]

however. everytime i smile at him, like i smiling to my computer screen lah seh. -.-” no reaksi siak. like waste my jaw muscle movement energy onlie.. he still gv me tat zombie stony drooped eyes look. so right after smiling at him & receiving no response right, i look like this uh:

like dunno whthr wan to smile onot. pfftts.

so today work was alrite. ^^ tmr sat & sun off. yay!
pay was alrite i spose.

that naomi girl still hvnt repliedme sehhs. ):
&& thats all for today i suppose. (: ling oso off tmr..

[she plays with ppl’s hearts but stays true to one.]

p/s: am i being stalked.

www.plushorange.blogspot.com, click lah & see! NEGO. (:


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