go see!! prices are nego.

Oh man. those blogstores, there’ve been many scams alrd, =/ so poor ting the victims.
so its pretty hard. tsk tsk tsk..

cant wait to c my pay.. x))

poor ling today must work @ 1+.. tsk tsk tsk
so suey.
jeff had to go off early i spose due to some kinda meeting bout home delivery or sumtin.

hope today will be a fine day.
im sure it will. ^^

i feel it in my bones.

well. thrs nothing to blog about acherly.

i just needed to post sumtin.
so im posting tis piece of crap.

mimi is a fat girl.

mimi is my kitty.
she’s like a cow [in color]
& in size..


ok im so mean.
but cats look good fatter. ):
isit just us humans that condemn fat ppl?
models should die.

& designers shouldnt be dumb.
make bigger sizes!

ok dah.


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