Doll. click lah & see.

Ah man.. today must come early.. -.-“
both aunties going to dinner & dance.. so need to makeup2.. pretty2.. all tat. (: HEH. lawl.
must come at 2. & im sooooooo sleepy.luckily ling’s shift. long time no c her luhs.
ytd i worked, i JUST came at the counter lah.then.. after afew minutes of serving customers..this lady & her son came to the counter..the son was looking at me expectantly..i was like.. “waiting for?”then when i received no reaction no watsoever, the lady shouted at me:
“Where’s his 6pc nuggets??””oh.” *takes 6pc nugget in plastic & condiments & handed it to her*”that is very bad! we waited sitting her for sooo long!” said the customer’s mama.
she looked at me expectantly..but i gave her my famous stony face & she pulled her son away.wahlao. amm didnt tell me she owed cust nuggets.NABIL nvr shout that 6pc nuggets are out,so amm couldnt pass to cust.& im the one shouted at.
she relex one cornar can?.i just came & noe nth siak.
ytd cust. were alittle bit i oso alittle bit bitchy too. ^^one day im gonner get fired.
& tis wireless network connection is suckeh.-.-“keeps disconnecting.cmner nieeeee…
aiyah…… many things to do…
& HEY! im trying out something new soon.hoping Sara wud help out. ^^insya’allah i can do it..if my laziness doesnt pay’s tmr.i prolly can.must rush lah tho.. find things to follow instructions & one day, i wanna make at least 2 experiments. hoping sunday’s the day.hurrhurr.
k lah. im off now! dada (:

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