ape kaw kyn!! -.-” nasib baik my hp covering half of my face. 😮 tis was candid luhs.
at LJS’s vivo eating CHICKEN WRAPS. i like lahh.. i loooooveee chicken lah =D
eh alamak has, sorrie ehs. x))
i wasnt ready, was just abt to open my mouth to smile skali u snap it alrd lah. so i looked like tat.
stray cat “Kuning jht” slept ontop of our shoe cupboard when i came home on sat nite.. poor ting.. must be tired after terrorizing other cats..
she didnt wanna be photographed.. but my camera phone very naughty luhs.. i cant help it. =X
she called me “kongajar sehs!!” after taking tis foto ^^
in LJS whilst waiting for that miss heartcore above. i drank milo. too much fizz in my system alrd.
aku tak suke budak cute tau kyn.
tsk tsk tsk. so seksa.
& then kyn bought candy empire from vivo. she shared with me. THANKS KYN. (: i assure u: no lard. (: for some. [they state there! tats veeeeryyy respectable! & some tudung-ed peeps came & checked the ingredients of the sweets before purchasing. THATS RIGHT. must check!]
she opening what looks like a ladybug chocolate. but i cant remember.
& mine. =D well ofcourse mine had to be the best tasting of all.
kyn pakai lawa lah hari tu. aku tk suke.

so on saturday went out with kyn..
it was fun.
come to tink of it.
i’ve forgotten what happened. =X

but nontheless it was fun lah really.
smre haslinna was there..
so wat can be boring kan?
even if kyn je pun fun.

go out with kyn very hard luhs.
i must have self control.
😮 [so sad lah, blogger no have emoticons]

she keep going to ex-ex-expensive stores.

i must say: i just realised that i am SOO freaking simple. (:

well, oklah.
many girls nowadays buy designer or branded goods.
but its not all about the name.

but i was crazy of this top from F21:
because it practically flowed on my skin.. the fabric was sooo soft.. [i am forcefully reminded of harry potter’s invisibility cloak when i described this top’s material] & it was $38.

& i had to save for that psp. soo. ^^ i let it go.
i will put it up on my sale blog, hmmm…. as 1 of my wishlist items. ^^
SO that if someone HAPPENS to buy it & sell it..
it MIGHT be cheaper. HAH. OK. SHH.


ok wadever ehs.


then on sun went out again..
sorry lah witch # 2 ):

i tink i need 3 days weekend.
1 for kyn.
1 for bf.
1 for my witch #1 & 2.


sign at vivo’s rooftop. i like… =D smokers should die vanish. smokers should.. extinct.. =Xthe sky was dark as we were having our dinner at banquet & saw some ppl i noe..was waiting so long. as u cn see it was 4.10 alrd. (:watched beowulf. the movie ok lahs.
& as usual ask for IC.
tk suke uhh.

i just feel like shoving up my ezlink card up their ass everytime they ask for our ICs.


& tats all.

i must go wash bathroom.
i must go wash the fans.
i must also go & take pix.


pp/s: im gonna spend myself silly after december. GET READY GF! im gonna buy necklace.. im gonna buy clothes.. im gonna buy…. & the list goes on.


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