topped off with pretty cupcakes from paper orchid stationary, took from here.
ok. i was just bored lah. so took these series. (: & im smart yo! i moved them to phone memory & VOILA! i can USB them! im beginning to think that it’s my memory card that’s “sick” ):

you are allowed to paste this pix on ur voodoo doll.

Time sure flies past very fast eyy. hurrhurr.
its already the 15th. wahlao.

& suddenly.. it’s gonner be results day..
& suddenly.. it’s time for wherever ur going [be it ITE or sec 5 or work]
& suddenly ur able to watch R21..
& suddenly ur married..
& suddenly u got kids..
& suddenly, u die.


ok. kidding.
to me being 20+ is sooo far away ):
im veeerrrryy looking forward to “suddenly” being y’know.
sooo make me grow make me grow!

&& then.
im so sick of ppl saying i look like a kid.
i noe i do.
so pls stop saying it.
i hate it.
i dunlike it.
i detest it.

its almost as bad as sum1 saying ur fat.
or sum1 saying ur ugly.
so am i ugly?? ):

it’s just so mean.

well anyway. enuf of my emotional crisis.

tmr is a free day.
or what wud’ve been a free day.
meaning if i went out
so we’ll see.

if not.
i will clean up the room.
put my clothes in the wardrobe.
wash the fans.
& blog.


thats all i’ve been doing now.
& so.
i wish today is a happening day.

im bored out of my skin.

& facebook accepts 18yr olds.
alah. malas uh.

&& i wonder what everyone else is doing now.
why not ask me along.

ok dah.
here’s hoping at night there’s something worth reading and typing.

p/s: the man who rapes fishes. my gawd.
so sick. i read it sumwhere in a mly sicko mag.


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