Kitten Dessert Born Yesterday 13th

tiger & lamb cupcakes. arent they like cute???

Hello.. so today was an okay day. when i was otw to work, stopped by 7-11 & bought a chocolate bar for myself. $2.10 sehh. but nehmind.. i needed some endorphins anyway. so i just bought it anyway.

so ate it while walking.. skali saw cik salmah.
ex-colleague @ GP kfc.
picking up her child at the kindergarten.
her daughter recognized me!
so cute!
& she salam me. OHMYGAWD.
her daughter is veeerrrryyyy pretty.

she btr not grow up being a playgirl.

then sekali saw two bapoks..
ohmy. so pretty siak.
prettier than me.
one, the body so KEPING [extreme skinniness]
& i think he/she [fuck, which am i to use??]
1 of them is the one i saw POLEDANCING at a basketball court’s pillar.

yala yala. u effink sexy can.
i dunno hu the heck he/she was tryin ta impress sehs.
but ho.
if she/he expected me to have a errm… hard-on??
i shoud say that, im sorry, i dun have a dick.
& u can improve on ur poledancing.
check out courses yes?

that must be time he/she was feeling high lurhs.

so at work,
there ws one customer wanting
“drite & thighs”
& wtf, may i ask u, is drite?
he finnaly say he duwan breast.
or i wud hv bn screaming at his face saying:
“we dun have any fuckin drite! go somehwer else can!?”
that was jason’s customer. jason was blur. i was getting impatient. & amiline came to the rescue ^^ *clap clap*

& then one kid ordered
“may i have a spoons burger”
wth is wrong with every effing one of the student’s language today??
their english teacher went bonkers or sumthin???

luckily he atleast pointed to the shrooms burger meal.

&& then..
azlee the tall tall TAAAALL rider was bending down to take dunno what from below the computer & i was walking past,
skali his butt knocked me out of track sia.
i fly sideways sehs.
& then i was like woaaah.
lucky i bounced back from that fat syazwan.

we kept laughing.
he thought he was actually hitting syazwan.

poor me.

& otw home..
at the playground near blk 606,
sitting at the benches were tis couple,
with a lighted with candles small birthday cake
that was jz too sweet i could jus cry…
(: *wipes away tear from one eye*
& now its nearing 11pm.

tmr hopefully ok2 work.

& JASON is smart!! VEERRRRYYY smart.
i was teaching him to dismantle & put back the drink dispenser.
he could do it by himself in a sec.

& just in 1 day he knows what to press for orders.
he is a SMART LAD.
i respect him alot! ((:

tmr is him again.
but he doesnt talk much.
& amiline was just saying
“how come at here u noe hw to smile, but dunno hw to smile @ customers??”

i dunno. *shrugs*
& she was saying im one of the most experienced cashier there.
well. who are aunty jin & chee lin, pray??

im a cashier. & a lousy one.

&& theres gonna be some kinda meeting among cashiers soon.
LING!!! *whiny voice* i duwan goo… )):

say lah im not a cashier..
the future cashiers of kfc are gonna have a haaaarrrddd time.
i btr find sumtin else soon.

& thats all for today. im tired of typing. (:
but i feel sooo much happier alrd.
i love bf alots.
& i miss kyn alots.
& i love myself alots.

sweetdreams everyone.. (:


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