*sigh deeply*

how small the jar is. martha was just saying that this is a good idea for wedding token thingies. (: i must say it is. it’s too cute to eat.
homemade cookie buffet. aren’t they lovely. the whole shot is just too lovely for words.

graphic doll courtesy of Dolls On The Hills Factory.

well, i’m just back from visitng sara’s blog. LOL. i’ve given her comments on each & every post.
simply because, im bored,

& im looking forward to working today.
today morning mum’s friend came around.
she has such an irritating voice, i can’t help but wonder why dun cats just scratch her to shreds.

today morning when i woke up, i thought about how important strangers are sometimes.
when i got caught skiving off last year,
the same day i had a 40degree fever.
& bf was the one there to help me.
because family didnt notice.
so im thankful, so u see,
every person that exists in ur life,
is important. so u must cherish them in some way or another. (:

so emotional.

then i got sore throat sehhs. pffftts..
yay today’s ling’s shift agenn..
she better dun lose my url or im gonna stick up some fries up her nostrils.

&&& saturday im so free.
&& im. bored right now.
& i like this blog: The Miracle Season.
i read it alot. she’s also a good blog skinner at blogskins. i used hers once. lol. last year or so.
& another:
but he doesn’t update regularly now. ):

now he’s depressed or something.

& now im going to go & die. (:
hopefully by evening or even afew hrs later i’ve got something to blog about.


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