OOhmy. so tired. *exhausted*

topped off with a generous helping of my large fat cat: Anson. isn’t he like, sooo gorgeous or sumtin.
my sisters say im pale. as long as im not dark.. -.-” im fine.

what small eyes u have… “all the better to squint u with my dear..”
tats my diary. ^^
lol. macam budak kental. dah memang kental PON.

what a fake smile he has on. -.-” he’s no good for the camera lahhs. just because i forced him to. ok. & i looked shaggy already. ): i hate when it’s the end of the day. i always ended up looking like that.

work was alritey today.

im so sick of the word “huh” or “ah” with a huge question mark behind it.
just because of our new staff Na Na who’s from china [hehe, nana from china.. it rhymes!]

i just feel like shoving up the thongs used to take chicken up someone’s nose everytime she doesn’t get what we hear.

i always have to repeat my order [she’s doin base] at least 4-5times before she says “ok” & GETS it w/o screwing up like taking regular fries INSTEAD of cheese-in [cheesefries] HOW FAR DOES THAT SOUND TO U?

& i am easily emotionally upset.
it’s all very well for ling cus ling can speak chinese.. & even then,
i could just cry..

i dunno…
isit because we speak to fast..
or isit we speak too soft [i am practically losing my voice]
or isit WHAT WHAT???

i noe lah i must be abit understanding..
giler seh.

she’s sweet, pretty, kind & all that.
make my nerves BURN on fire.

ok. myb its just me.
rmbr asfa.. u must be patient okay… *smiles widely*

i’ve also been wondering what’s happening with fellw classmate & ex colleague Zhi Cong.. sigh*
i dunno. i suddenly wondered how he’s doing..

& you know, i own a tagged & a hi5. & i dun take care of them at all.
im so not active there.
now witch #3 has joined multiply & invited me to join too.
thereason why i deleted my friendster & myspace was because of that —
laziness to maintain.
it wasnt even fun. myb its just me. (:

& i dun understand WHY ppl wud wanna delete their friends..
assholic rules like “add & talk, or get deleted”
u noe, those stupid assholic threats.

dun they understand..
if sum1 doesnt even tawk, it means that the person added u simply because he/she admired ur pics.
they should be flattered.
& if ur going around ppl’s profiles commenting them to “talk or bloody hell get deleted”
WHO THE FUCK whud wanna tawk?

do explain u assholes. (:

i dunno why im even talking about this.
it’s simply because i do not delete people who add me.
simple as that.
u tawk if u wanna tawk.
dun if u dun.
add if u wanna add.
i dun even care if u added just to increase ur friend’s list.
because online relationships don’t bother me quite so much as real life.

it doesn’t hurt me like it does hurt u other people’s poor sensitive souls.

i dunno. im emo tonite.

& there’s a new dude called Jason coming tomorrow.
wonder what he’s like.
he’s from a mat/minah-beng/lian infested school.
i wish he’d play nice.
or i’ll cower in fright.
simply because he’s doing cashier with me.

doesnt hurt if he’s friendly too.

and and.
my arms are soooo numb & tired.
i TOLD u i’d have BUTTCRAMPS!
*kicks table*
& arm cramps.
& every other cramp i could ever wish for.


& i’ve been blogging alot.. just because i love it.
it makes me happy. (:

ok dahh.
gotta wash my face & go sleep. now.
*yawn* soooo tired..


pp/s: ITE better accepts me. ): im dreading results day. all the best to N level candidates yes! MAYBE WE COULD MEET ONE FINE DAY. LOL. (:

ppp/s: Oh, & Sara’s maybe gonna buy her own lappy.. yippee!! the comp to myself.
well, of course asra wishes to monitor it simply because i used to download things.. but nowadays i just use the comp for blogging & msn & emails. thats all. those were kids stuffs last time. -.-” but as long as i cn use the comp i’ll be happy!


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