i’m just your friend’s girlfriend.

like frog ehs.

lek ah kyn.. aku tak marah kau per.. muke nak nangis seh..

istana park is love lahs. (: JAKUN EHK KITE KAN KYN?

i like bapok lah. check that my hands!

so happy together…
we’re so happy together it hurts. (: aku sygggg kyn!

i can’t believe that i used to watch hindi movies..
& when they’re sad.. i’ll cry.
it just seems ironic now. *shocked at myself*

aneeewayy.. aku can update lah. my sis ni ehkks.
sjap want to use.. then duwan to use.
fickle lahs.but thanks yaw! appreciate it!
wonder where her lappy go. =/
she tell me not to kpo. so okeh lorhs.

anyways. ytd was amazing day. ^^
i was supposed to mit kyn at 1pm..
but there was sumtin wrong with me..
i nearly fainted due to either dehydration or because i din eat breakfast.

while giving my kitty medication lak tu!
sorry lah sara kays. & sorry choky.

i was so very white [no, pale is an understatement]
& sooo pening..
i staggered to my phone & msged kyn lah.
saying to cancel the outing.
but i was all dressed up [& no place to go]
i just wanted my bed.
cudnt let kyn down.
so after i felt abit ok alrd..
i called her..
t’was round 1.05+ lidatz.

she sooooo sweet! she goreng for me nuggets. sausages & fries!
THANKS KYN. IT WAS VERY FILLING. but i din have appetite. so ate slowly.
& i must admit. im abit more crazy when im sick. -.-“
where got like tat one.

& kyn also brought along panadols & vicks balm for me.
in which i consumed the edibles in the bus. [aku budak kental, i bring waterbottle (:]
we stopped nearby PS & walked towards rendezvous hotel.
kyn wanted ice kachang so we went to the kopitiam there.
ppl kept looking2 at us. -.-” or isit kyn?? [attention grabbing outfit lah kyn! (: ur my sunshine girl!]

then went to delifrance..
they dun accept nets.
poor me.
& i humiliated myself by pushing the door when it clearly says “PULL” besar2..
i was sick & brain abit slow motion lahs… the sound was omg! LOUD!

nehmind. they’re gonna see me once in their lifetime only. ^^

so THEN.
there goes my butter croissant.
nehmind! i go other delifrance [so as to avoid recognition of humiliation] nextime & buy that lovely supersoft croissant.
kyn enjoyed her muffin. [i oso kepoh2 abit lahs]
indeed. it was very delish.

then waited at bustop nearby coffeeclub to wait for has.
i still hvnt seen the psychotic dude.

haiya. ni ahh. budak2 kyn samer haslinna. hopeless betol tau!

so then at heeren sat down.
cus has got aching leg.
y shdnt she? must stand like forever dealing with them bitchy customers.

then otw to fep.. terserempak with kyn’s pri.schmates.
erm. comments?
i just wanna say: dinah’s the best.. err. cus she’s super friendly lah. kan dinah kan?

haslinna was also marvelling how nurul’s pretty. haha.
yea she is. she’s lucky that girl..

then at fep saw MANY friendster-ians & myspace aliens.
well. i dunno. kyn & has knew quite abit of them.
MAKLUMLAH. owners of friendster & myspace kaaaan.

we ate @ LJS. &
alif & geng came along.
alif is friendly!
it’s amazing how friendly ppl are when at sch they treat u like u dun exist.

& kyn has & me saw naqib. geez. he looks like drug addict.
he doesnt noe me. so sue me. ^^
[lols, the biggest couple catastrophe. esha deserves better. u go girl! she doesnt noe me either. ^^ so sue me.]

internet’s an amazing ting — i noe wats going on. ^^

has didnt eat. she so skinny minny.
then after eat, went to lips enterprise to buy shades for anissa.
has wanted to. LOLS. (: so sweet lahs. *sighs*

then home. then i met bf & walked2 abit. & then picked up mum.
mum wasnt fussy. tats ADMIRABLE.
she was in a good mood infact.

& today.
work was alrite. yuying served a super act cute dude.
i feel so lucky.
wat kind of students reside in that poly sia!
some never say thank you & watever shit.

but i appreciate loyal kind & polite regular customers..
I KNOW YOU GUYS. *smiles*

work was fun.
& im starting to miss kyn alrd. LOL.
mcm boyfwen pulak ehks. NOLARHS.
she my girlfriend mah. -.-“

sister bought badminton rackets!
tmr morn gonna play badminton! fucking itching to play lah sehh! exciting tau!

oklah. sleep well kawan2.
(: dada.

p/s: USB’s fucked up. ): or isit the comp? or my fone itself. cant load pix from memory card! )’:


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