Mentally Undressed

Yay! today work is Ling’s shift.. sure gonna be happening one..

Amiline’s shift was alritey.
but ling’s better cus i have someone to talk to.
unless of course.. i dun tawk to people..
unless of course.. the people ignore me.

but ytd was alrite. ^^ i think. thank god.

my sisters keep saying im a pervert.
i am?
im not.
im just open minded, u narrow-headed thinkers. (:

im happy happy happy today.
whoptee doo.

i have been thinking of buying faux lashes.
what do u losers think bout that eyy?
i just dunno how to use it. ):
i have such pathetically short eyelashes.
pity me.

fake lashes are one thing mascaras won’t help.

i wish kyn wud online. ):
i wonder how did her orientation go.& when isit anw?
she din tell me.
unless ofcourse, i didnt ask. -.-“

& i wish this sat we cud go out. ):
it’s been a long time since i’ve been out with her on saturdays.


i got…
my hard work paid off.
& im gonna chew my thumb for the rest of the month.

asfa. have self control. u musn’t spend!

& i’ve just found this Dolls House furniture website.
effing cute.. makes u wanna own a dolls house..
girls are never too old to own a dolls house.. believe me.
it’s just the way you think.
it’s humans way of how the brain works.
useless ey?
who says we should stop playing playgrounds & catching anyway?

thats just dumb.
u shouldn’t stop having fun should u?
good things ofcourse.. because u only live life once.
unless ofcourse.. u reincarnate.
i wonder if thats really possible.
i would love to come back as Queen Elizabeth. =X

but of course.. who doesnt want to be royalty..

well anyway.
im just rambling rambling rambling.

music makes me shake my butt.

& yes. hips don’t lie. ^^ thanks.

dun burst my bubble. ^^ HAVE A GOOD DAY EVERYONE!

unless ofcourse.. the students at SP ..
they can suck my cork [ahehehe. bottle corks]
which i dun have.

im gonna be a good cashier today..
for about 5seconds.

p/s: yes. i am very full of myself. ^^ im proud of me. i love me. i am — myself. if nobody praises me.. i praise myself. have u praised urself today? if u havent, no wonder u keep looking like that u low self-esteem little boob. (:


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