Who is She; when boredom strikes.

these shorts are legend. kyn prolly rmbrs.. but i wun b surprised if she doesnt.
theres the mirror >>
^^ right after work. in sp’s drab toilet.
it’s not as long.
me tiara.

^^ almost headless eyy..

i’d fail to be a model — i suspect. due to height & position.

u dunno the half of it. ): shutup u long tongue owners. asses. -.-” atleast i can speak properly. HURRHURR.

DUN BE such perverts. paint is my bestfriend. LOLS. in such cases.

I have just been visiting msn.com justnow.. & suddenly an article caught my eyes..
read all about it here.. who is she.. who does she belong to.. ):
i felt so emo after reading it.. it is soo disturbing.. they even had to sketch what she prolly looked like because she prolly didnt have a face anymore.. ohmygawd omgomgomg..

ytd work was great. ^^
as usual cus it was ling’s shift.

hmms. myb i’ll find sumtin to update abt..

im so proud cus at my private blog i’ve featured Oringe the kitty as background.. it’s sooo customised that i am sooo in love with it. wna c the pic? it;s tis one..:
lols. tats because u cnt access it. (: so im kind enuf to at least show u what background. HURRHURR. Oringe is such a handsome boy.

// The story of my life in black & white.

k dahh.

P/S: yay! pay’s tmr! in abt 24hrs+ more. =D when the clock strikes TWELF!


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