Sophie’s World

the 6500 classic candybar is to die for. f*ck. i must gedit or im gonna jump into the sea.
dun these look so frikken yummy? they’re doughnuts.. disguised as cuppies in butterscotch & glaze..
i love this necklace.. from… click the image & see. (: i’ve featured it before.

pardon the bra straps. i need transparent ones. there goes my shopping list..

Hello. i’ve come to write about ytd.

ytd was a very2 nice day.
first, we went to vivo..
booked tix for the gameplan at 2.20pm.

ooh. the movie is soooo sweet really,
funny.. sweet..

after movie.. we went secret recipe..
had tiramisu.. [i swear, that’s not tiramisu for me! wtf??! coffeebean’s the best]
secret recipe, ur tiramisu suck. feel free to improve it.
NOT coffee flavored. have u never tasted tiramisu or what?
& he had a banana chocolate ssomething.

his was nicer. ):

ahh nevermind.
& then after tat..
was history.
i forgot.

im sorry. i didnt copy down what i needed to write at my blog at my phone. ):

in the morning.. like i said there was kfc meeting..

it was perfectly pathetic.
Ling didnt come.. [she worked nite & prolly went home round 1-2am]
we all had to do some survey thingy..
well. the survey was as equally as cool as ronald mcdonald.

but anw.
it was a waste of my beauty sleep.
i’d rather have slept at home with my mouth open.
abuzar was having a open house..
he had invited khairi but not me..
turned out khairi lied to him saying he had another open house to go to, cos he was going out with me.

but little miss smartypants me, told abuzar the truth.
BECAUSE. khairi din tell me he lied. ^^
it’s not entirely my fault now isit..

so im sorry abuzar..
i did ask bf if he wanted to go abuzar’s for awhile.

& i seem to recall something i said to abuzar..
something like..
“then u never invite me.. so i chop him”
& all abuzar did was keep smiling..

yala yala. i noe u got nice smile. pfftts.

well. overall. im sorry.
i think.

so then yu ying came after the survey finished. aiyo. so late sia.
then sat down chat chat chatted. & then finished round 10+? or earlier. im not sure.
& then went home.

& then today.. im working yet again..
monday blues..

i think kyn & i need sunnier pics.
but she’s a bad photographer.
i swear. sorry kyn. x) ahehehehe.

i was here showing mad love?

so lets total it up: u owe me 6 hugs.
Pay’s coming & i cant lay a finger on it.
my work schedule isnt sure. but it’s confirmed thurs im free.. because?
public holiday.. of what? somebody?

& i’ve recently wondered if there’s somebody actually secretly reading my blog.
bcos if u r..
HELLO. ^^ lets make friends..
boy.. do i sound lonely maan.. -.-“

& yaayooo.. i cnt wait for dance course.
like i said.. i can live without shopping..
i can go around town naked..

i wonder who’s shift isit today..
hope it’s nice & fun people.

& kyn? gdluck for ur orientation.
i noe how u feel.

people at mcdonalds have robotic expressions.
& so do i.

k dahh.

p/s: pay’s in 2 days time.

pp/s: vivo’s heels!

ppp/s: gawwwd.. im so lazy to open up my blogstore.. -.-” firstly, need to dig my closet.. clean it up, take pix of it.. decide the prices.. & saralala?? biler nie wna take pix. ):
believe me.. there’s LOADS to sell [& to bid for, if u want].. there’s everything for you people. ^^ the gyrls ofcos.. -.-“
mothers. daughters. sisters. gramps. come by.. soon, tat is.
& granny’s multi-color pearls make a comeback.

pppp/s: Ling! i’ve seen the sites! they’re awesome! swingapore’s better tho — my opinion. (:


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