aku bored.

king kong jane rawks!! i tink the right guitarist was cute.. LOL . shh..

Pervy boy. LOLS. they’re pretty good. (:
aku tak suke tau pmpan lawa..
orange is my boyfriend..

eh. aku sukerlah clip aku! =D

so.. yesterday went out with kyn..
stopped at topshop..
she is crazy abt it.
& bought.. *snorts*
3 or 2 boxers.

u cn do better kyn.
nextime ok?

& then kan..
rmbr last post i put up that im looking for a drama feathered headband?
i saw instead.. a drama featherd hairclip.

& then at mango..
kyn was looking at the tanktops there..
mepek lah kyn.
pergi mango beli sumtin more outstanding laarr..

unless ofcos.. abt the material..
but kyn. entahlah ehhks.

then since we were too poor for the day,
i went to guardian & bought.. ferrero rocher. =D
ok b4 our outing we breakfasted at pasar lahh ok.
to keep our bodies fueled..
for the moment ofcos..
& we ate the chocs towards heeren..

Mon Chavon of heeren has ALOT of nice nice nice thingies.. ^^
i love. but heeren ofcos..
simply HAS to be so exx kaan.

& they also sell shoes from City Girl.
but gawd noes what happened to the site.

then we ended up for a good 45minutes at the surf shop.
i love their wallets.
i love their handbags.
& some of their bags.
& i love the way they make me feel as if i should go to the beach one fine day.
not in a bikini ofcos..
but instead, respectably..
no offence bikini babes.

oh.. & im so happy to report that the make up brand Missha is against animal testing!! bravo!! definitely gonner buy their products..
when i have money ofcos..

then after all that went to FEP watched the Street Clap bands.
they were very awesome..
especially king kong jane..

& then i recalled someting tat kyn said..
“org lawa sume sombong”..
& then she was grinning at me.
mepek lah kyn.
i dun understand u.

& then.
i’ve resolved to be unselfish & to buy gifts for loved ones..
when i have money ofcos..
namely for the ladies i’ve mentioned on previous post.

& then jznw he gave me $10.
& tmr he said will be f.o.c for me.
[lol. no suprises]
but still.. ape nie asfa??
nak belikan die present tapi still use his money.
it’s a diff. story lah kayy.
kwg2 tk paham.

hadis was saying to me..
it’s not the expensive gifts.. but the sincerity of the heart..

what cn i do???
he bought me a HANDPHONE..
can’tbe i give him just a shirt or something as equally pathetic!
so i am gnna work my ass off for the psp slim.
thx hadis for explaining.
he told me cn get it for $280 also!
i VILL geddit.
may the forces be with me baybe.

&&& then..
ling said thur public hol & they dun nd cashier.
wat can i do..
but to cry my ass off..

&& then ytd when coming home..
2 golden haired monkeys stopped at the same stop as me..
& so i walked past bread city..
they too.
little ppl ard & they were wolfwhistling.

my face was cramped due to my headache
[today ok alrd! i slept my boobs off =D ]
& then i walked abit farther to the shelter lah..
skali one of them came up..
“dek.. ader number..”

i could have swung my handbag at his face.
“TAK!” was all i could say loudly enuf for ppl at the nearby blocks to hear. ^^
hahakz. my voice actually echoed thru the silent night.

& the friend looked startled.
im so proud of myself.

actually the friend looked like khairi’s friend..
[only tat he’s alrd golden headed]
tak kenal aku per?

so anw.
nxtime if u feel harassed..
just yell. =)
they WILL run away.


today nothing hppnd much larr.
tmr meeting him! YAYAYAY!

ok dahh. post ends.
time for youtube!


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