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courtesy of Dolls On The Hills Factory [DHF] aren’t they sweet… i tink ghosts have a better love life than us. -.-” but we will nvr noe.. x)


tmr im finally meeting kyn!! =D
yay me!


mak is soooo effing obsessed with my pay!!!


-his psp. [yay! XL says i cn get the modified one $280+ at *pssst* i SHAN’T TELL YOO! x))]
-Dance course with lingling.. yay! got friend! thanks to her!! *hugs ling tite tite*
-Cosmoprof. [i MUST GET IN HERE!! & i must have $1000+ in my hand. -.-” pfftts]

3 current important things i fucking have to earn for.
Note to Kyn: recommend me tau! or i’ll go fly to venice & jump into the lagoon there. ):

well, CONGRATS TO KYN & HASLINNA FOR MAKING IT INTO COFFEECLUB AT OVE BUGIS THERE [thx kyn for the information. lols.. i sooo needed that vague answer x)]

& tday work: my POS had a shortage [incase some of u slow ppl out there dunno what in the whole wide world is POS, it stands for: Position Of Sales, which indeed is my erm. wazzats: my counter. -.-”]
LUCKILY IT WAS BECAUSE OF MR R.M SMARTYPANTS Jeffrey not zero-ong the report.

if not ppl wud throw me dirty looks thinking im the one who actually stole the $130.

i am indeed, a very honourable cashier TAU. *frowns*
& i come from GP.
home of the fun ppl.

& alifi, zul & nabil shocked i got “it”? LOLS!! im not sick. -.-” no realy. everyone watches it don’t they. & im not addicted lah wahlao! it was only one! im a good girl ok. well — the more modern version of good girl. ALAH. DUN ACT LIKE U DUN LAH. ((: AKU TAU OKEH. even kyn the quiet girl watches it & we make fun of it [tat is astika, lizah & me]. some of them are freaking merepek types, tak stim sehhs ohmy. we enjoy giving the reviews only.. OOPS. sorry kyn. x) seems like im living around “it”-watchers. oh watever.

lol. dirty little secrets revealed lah. korang.. korang.. *shakes head*

& yerlah yerlah!!!
aku suke hellokitty lah.
because meelo & mimi look like her, tats y.
but i dunlike pink. it’s a sweet pretty color tho. -.-“

& also aku suke pussycat dolls!! -.-” irritating tau when ppl give me that “ohmygawd?! asfa??!”

stop asking qns.

& kyn is really irritating me right now in msn.
asking me to promise something.
& then holding it back.
/smacks kyn’s butt.

i feel really bad lahh.
i keep on going out w kyn & lizah wants to come along.
i wanna bring her along.
but kyn duwan.
cus she doesnt like lizah much.
god noes her reasons.

oklah oklah.
i’ll go out w lizah one-to-one one fine day.

& i am fucking excited abt tmr sehhs!!
i’ve gotten fatter.
arghh! & my diet’s getting out of hand.
screw those skinny high-metabolism ppl.
i hatechu all.

BE FAT ALREADY!! *cries silently in one corner*

im sure tmr’ll be a VERRRYYY intresting dayy eyy??


Oh, & uhh happy belated halloween & also.
Hepi New month November. =D
enjoy ur whole mth!
DUN LITTER [u effing assholes!]

ok dahh. bye.

p/s: ohnoohnohno.. what shd i wear tmr? =O dilemma!

pp/s: mymymy! christmas coming in no time at all. i am so glad i cn go for the xmas sales! because by then. his bday is OVER.

ppp/s: im gna sell some things soon [i’ll make the blog soon]. anyone? im looking for a masquerade mask & a drama feathered headband in black. erm. more information in next post. im too lazy to load a drawing or sample photo of it. im lazy to make one. -.-” & im not really gd with my hands. so make me a nice pretty one &sell it at a reasonable price. ^^ i LOVE collecting costumes. there’s too many soon(s). -.-”

pppp/s: KYN, u may buy those jeans. ): i have lots to save for & clothes aren’t really on my list, i can go around town naked, really..

i think kyn is really weird. she loves long straight hair.
i, however, am going crazy about long, curly/wavy shiny & soft hair.
each to her own taste i suppose..?
but still, she’s weird enough without liking that type of hair.
kekekeke. but tats y i like her, see? cus she’s weird..? erm. YEAH!

LEMME introduce you girls [especially my sisters] to this site called Honey Milk Tea. Very lovely accesories! & very unique designs! reasonable price too! i must get one soon after i’ve saved ENUF. (: enjoy.

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