ytd nite.
today morn wnt grocery shppng w tigermum.

(: the end of it all.
see those predatory claws? & the chair’s scratches? & tats my fav chair too. ): he always chops it.
here’s rubbing it in ur face choky. (: he loves when it when i rub his face. no really..
those black paws.. sexy babatz.. strong arms.. green eyes.. he’s what all girls want.
chum chum’s legs reminds me of chicken drumsticks.
this is tha flavor my kitties are crazy over. THANK GOD SHENG SIONG. make sure this flavor is there ALL THE TIME!
Sincerely, by Snappy Tom.
& anson’s leftover coconut..
is for me to eat. it was really2 delicious.
meet the selenge-est, cutest orange kat : Kuning. (:
Oooh! pumpkins! 1st time i’ve seen ’em. OKAAY. JAKUN.

today morning followed tigermum go sheng siong. & isaw those pumpkins above. they were really cute! so small. & pumpkin-ish.
& i told mum. & she looked at me like iwas crazy.

then she pointed to the shelves behind us [the ones with yoghurt & etc] & said: “itu kan sume pumpkin jugak! da knape kau?”
but those were already cut & sliced like watermelons & din look like pumpkins at all.

& then.
at the 2nd lvl of Sheng siong..
saw that the phones sold: especially the Motorola Red one was only $200+
pretty afordable.
myb i should get one.
nvm. save 1st asf. save 1st.

but all i wna say is. the price wasnt bad yaw.
price wasnt bad..

i bought strawberry yoghurt. ^^
& mak bought two cartons of juice.
4 new bottles of fizzy drink &// a green tea [for me =DD ]
well. anw.
hopefully can menang the lucky draw.

& guess what guess what!!
today i slept properly!
i din wake up at 4+ & cnt go bk to slp!
i slept alllllllll the way!
till sara has to spoil it all..
by waking me up to help her give tablets to anson.

that boy needs a whacking tau.
he gives me 2 scratches on the same spot. [ahhh!! owowowwwww!!]
& sinks his 1 claw into my thighs.
im glad he didnt claw my face. thank gawd.
we actually breed dangerous animals.
7 of them.
& then you wonder why.

soooo anw.
we managed.
& asra — she’s a heroin.
she actually gave the tablet to anson all by herself.
ytd night.

the savage.

*mumbles angrily to self*

yesterday, straight after work..
met lizah & the bro & astika.
then we walk to my house.
we were chattering non-stop.
& giving up to date news lah. really.
we were practically telling the whole neighbourhood what’s been happening.

so we watched the indon horror Suster Ngesot at my vcd.
the movie?
4 thumbs up.
the guy deserves it. asshole. & the little bitch too.

imagine u have a bf,
& u have a best gf.
u love them both the most in the whole wide world.
& then one day.
they had a love affair behind ur back.
he was engaged to u already
& then he say to ur gf, “i am not gonna marry her. i dun love her anymore. i love
& then u found them sleeping together at ur home. ur bed [aft u came hm tired from work]
& then u approached & tried to beat the crazzzppp outta him.
obviously u failed. instead, he beat the crazzzzzp outta
he hit ur both ankles broken with a heavy wooden table.
& dragged u to a wall & hit ur head to the wall.
& u were a bloddy mess.
& then u were on the floor, he pushed a woodern cupboard crashing it on ur face.
& then u died. then u came & haunt the assholes. all scary-like.

well. i pity the ghost. ):
poor ghost.

i need to forget that story.
because i am not reminded of the ghost.
but i am reminded of how cruel the bf & the ass of a gf was.

then ast wanted to borrow my comp.
but i had to bath.
& the com’s in my sis’s room.
& i dun trust ast much.
so i said. “not today”.

& then we exchanged videos.

tomorrow is jalan raye!
need to wake up early prepare the cooking with mum.& kemas rumah.
i tink it’ll be a hot weather.
so i’m gonna wear orange. =/ pretty thin fabric.

i wished i bought a baju kurung sehhs. wtf. ):
is syak coming?
die eh. bontot gatal siak.
bebual keling betul ehh!!
sjap nak. sjap tnk.
pantat ballooon betolz.
tkya ikut sudahlah kau!

ytd work morning was pretty alrite!
i quite enjoyed myself.
but i always do when it’s ling’s shift.
if other ppl’s shift i get a black face.
with ling i always can smile bcos we cn bitch abt the customer tgth or give knowing smiles..

today im working petang.
5pm must reach.

ok dahh. post ends.

p/s: ytd morn sara made me think abt sumtin even deeper..: do u noe hu ur friends are..? real friends..? do u actually like them a whole lot? or do u not even noe..? chew on it. ^^

pp/s: im so glad anson actually can sleep now after medications! =D pls let him recover.. plsplsplsplsplsplsplsplspls.

ppp/s: i need to get a life. i need to go shopping. i need.. i need myself. i need to start dancing again. TATs y im depressed. shopping level of my blood, dance level of my blood & the kyn level of my blood is all low. -.-” C U KYN! I MISS U LOADS REALLY! we go shopping k! & sara!~ here’s hoping that the project is launched soon! =DD & we go join badminton & dance class plsplsplsplspls! MONEY. I NEED U. screw the rich kids!! f*ck u all. *heavy breathing*
i need my lifestyle back. plus new additions. OKAY PEOPLE?? -especially those names mentioned!

& i actually miss akak.
breakfast jznw i thought abt her? lols.
am i going crazy?

pppp/s: i duntink on monday pri sch kids raye i cn make it. ): im working. sorry guys.
kan aku da ckp.. chop aku 1 wk in adv. kepala batu siak krg. -.-” im only free on fri.sat.sun. with exception of this fri. see what happened?! pffffftttsss. make my blood go upstairs tau.

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