Go me!

i like this couple. especially the lady. ADORE the dressing. sorry not too clear.. =( shd hv taken another closer capture. ah wells. she was wearing cream cardi, cream pants & cream heels.

so i actually went out today — alone.
i didn;t intend to go shopping.
but i think you figured out what happened?
ALAH. only $25 je i spent.


i bought a slim white belt for cinching of waists.
& a white polkadot tubedress [couldnt resist! too adorable!]

pictures; tomorrow.

i also intend to fast next week.
because i am out of shape.
i am gaining weight.
i am a disgusting pig.

i suspect — im not hungry.
im just greedy.

& yes..
my meeting with BK was HEAVENLY.
i had my favrit BK chicken student meal.
the BEST.
i have a thing for chickens.
they turn me on.

well anyway.
i hate guys with wandering eyes.
especially those with girlfriends already!
me, as a girlfriend. i would whack him hard.
& i often do.
thats the only way to keep his eyes on me.
or straight on.
*evil laugh*
ass holies.
they always look here..
look there..
look, look, everywhere..
old mcdonalds had a farm..

& b4 i went out — round 4pm+ gitu,
i went sheng siong.
mak wanted me buy her fish burger from that makcik western.
& also superglue [for her shoe] & also Snappy Tom Tuna catfood.
errr. but i bought frasier [or sumtin lidat] tuna flavor cus snappy dahbis.
then time i wanted to line up

i was walking towards the counter.
a little girl was also heading towards the counter.
so i walked faster — being the kiasu person i am.
& arrived at the spot before her.
her mummy came strolling by
& she fucking told her mummy a whopping great lie.

she was saying:
“maak.. orang sampai dulu, die tolak orang maak..”
i didnt even lay a finger on her.
i couldnt even freaking reach her.
AND I WAS THERE FIRST (& she was still miles away from me. GEEZUZ)
& u noe wat?
her precious mummy then gave me dirty look!!
& went to another counter —
wanting to get far far away from me.

oh PUHleezzz.

disgusting little kid.
i hope she loses all her raya money.

thats all.
k dahh.

p/s: msg me cn anot!? u kanina!

pp/s: NEXT STOP: heels! i saw real pretty ones at ILT! ((:

ppp/s: i just find it so hard to be a understanding person. isit some kinda disorder u tink? ):


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