kawan kawan (:

gaah! what an adorable cupcake.. can it say “goo”?

tigermum actually told me the reason as to why
i musn’t tell other people apart from her 2 bimbobastic bestfriends that she’s working.
& To sisters?
ALL I CAN SAY IS: bingo.

& vart?
im only freaking sixteen! *weeping all over the floor*
& i’m supposed to support her..
gone are my shopping days..
can you people spell “suck”?

i was abt to save..
(after i spend ofcourse..)
for my future u noee…
myb i cud take courses in cosmoprof.

>> aishduweyhriujfcisdouitgyhfrui!!!!!

she says i shd work everyday..
she told me a essay-worthy story of
$200 isn’t enuf..
of hw her savings are not gonna last long..
dialysis payments.

& i must say : it was a very sad story.
& i am willing to help ofcos..
but kfc???

/dies laughing.
[no offence ling]

& lemme repeat:
im only 16.

16 yr olds all over the country right now r still busy shopping.
& thats how I wanna be.

she says if i wanna look for sumtin else look after i;m 18.
lets spell “suck”, everybody.

/points middle finger to all stores that accept 18yr olds & above only.

see see see.
i’ve gone all emo again.
im so freaking emo,
i’d gladly sit in the pouring rain right now,
in the middle of clementi woods..
screaming out lyrics to “she will be loved” by maroon 5
& scare the living daylights out of the little twits at jin tai pri.

kyn has gone jalan raye.
not that im jealous..
well. — not really..
well — OKAY FINE.
-.-” u win. i am.
just a teeny bit.
ok, myb abit more.

& i am extremely ashamed to admit:
ytd night..
i did situps..
& i am apalled to report that:
i am like, so totally out of shape.
i could barely lift my shoulders.
ok kidding.
but u get the point.
dun tell anyone.. or i’ll poke ur eyes out.

i watched stepford wives & masam2 manis juznw.
because everyone is simply just too busy to layan me.

& i would gladly be the robot just to wear those dresses..
in stepford wives ofcourse.
not that the chance would come anyway..
-.-“” im just telling..

&&& ..
i wonder what everyone else is doing right now..
having fun i suppose..

/points middle fingers to people who are actually having fun right tis minute.

i think im irritable now —
& thats the first sign of boredom on my part.
entertain me someone..

i am so glad to report that:
i actually will be working everyday nextweek..
(surprise surprise…)
mon, wed & fri at 4 till 9.
tue & thur 10am till 2.
wanna fetch me home?

*snort* fat chance..

because i suspect
i need to take a walk..
& i need distractions..
rather than staring at screens (either of TVs or computers)

i mean:
UV rays are very unhealthy.
i notice i always look pale & lifeless after a whole day of hogging.
not that i mind — as long as i dun turn dark..
i might catch skin cancer.

no, really.

people dun take me seriously…


neither do i!


& this is what i call..
a essay-worth of crap.

myb nextweek got some gd news.
news actually WORTH reading..
u noe..
posts that are HAPPENING.
pls dun be mad at me.
but i got priorities..

k dahh.
post ends.

oh. i forgot to tell u.
the other day, the day i went out with kyn..
otw to sumwhr..
sum1 actually called out
“eh, emo” or sumfin..
fine. -.-” my fault i dressed like one..
but me? emo?
kyn? emo?
OK. KYN. UR EMO. *arranges fringe of hair covering one eye*

/dies laughing

im emo emotional.
not emo EEEEEMOOOO. no.
ASLKAN kamu2 sumer bergembira dari hati ke hati.


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