Pic blogging.

topped off with a fat cat for this post. (:
first it was like this.. erm. ok lah. thought of making it brighter
turned out like this for the second shot.. hooo yeees.. it’s soo bright isnt it.
& this? i dunno & have absolutely no idea what the little miss clever in the middle there is trying to do.This is one of the better ones.

smile’s fading away slightly.. tired of smiling after alot of shots with asra as the cameragirl saying “kkk.. one more, one more..”smile faded away altogether.
finally a decent shot eyy? about time too asra! (:

sara said my face look like when one doesn’t get what she wants at the market.. & asra? LOL. lets just say thats one of her jurassic expressions.
FINALLY SARA. a decent enough shot. the dress doenst fit me. ): so i actually look fat. or maybe i am fat? gaaahHH!!!
the two kentalz.
nicely natural lah kan. we were born models. didnt you noe?
sara: “i think i feel some beard down here..” asfa: “*minah-slang* eh beb, amcm mlm ni..” Asra: i cant remember.
yay! perfect perfect!
ok maybe my neck looked a tad bit too giraffe-ey.. asra as usual… spiffy eyy.
1st sis aka MANIS *snorts* [pls lah kak ehh.. x)] & her son [which actually reminds me of a meow] Arsyad.
go me! this was 1st day of rayer. Aisya, Arsyad, Asfa, Azhar.. THE A LISTERS.

Sara & Asra.

it’s raining nw. heavy rain u noe!
ytd relatives came..
& i still rmb the look aunt gave me when she spoke of the boy over there at australia.
as if she noes something.

& she say me & bf wun last long..
something lidat. when we came bk from that country. [tat was ages agoooo]
dun dare to curse me. bitch.

i HATE dot dot dot.
oh & tat indon dude wun be coming.
Sara actually told him off!
dunno whth he nt coming bcos sara told him off or
bcos he really is going back to kampung — so he says.

lets just thank god — together now.

& i have nothing to update today.
just that i wanna say:

ok. so mean.
ok dahh.
post ends.


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