): it’s a dedication thing.

lets bring back the classics baby. this was ages ago. gaaaahhhh!! i miss shikin!!! ):

& lizah too. ): a whole damned lot.

lizah!! i miss yoo! c u soon!
ok. i feel like i just lost 2 of my boyfriends.

Shikiiiiinnnnnnn. ):

i miss u laa!!

we go out soon ok!! as in go out!! NOT rayer!!
i hate raye. evntho the money’s good.
i bought chkn patties, burger buns & a bottle of mayonnaise.
comfort food yoo..
comfort food.
i’m not gonna step in to krss — thrfore my replcment of those recesses whereby me & darlingg lizah would sit at the staircase with our chicken burgers & shared cuppa iced milo & jus chat & gossip. (: t’was fun while it lasted.

and and..
tmr there’s a media club farewell party.
ms chua invited me.
but im not coming.
i’d be looked upon very low.
dah lah tak dtg meeting,
tibe2 muncul for party.

sorry ms chua.
i love u — as a teacher ofcouz.
well anw.
today NOTHING at all just that i blog because,
i can’t get enough of blogging.??

iwas wondering if i could atually link sara?
am i allowed to?
ltr i ask.

then tmr & the days after it’ll be empty house..
mum go dialysis.
asra & sara work as per normal.
im gonna miss them.
myb i shd go out tmr?

i dunno.
k dah. post ends.


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