T’was the first day.

Yay! thanks to sis anis for the SUPERDUPER vintage bag… [fyi, it’s wen she’s married or just married or sumtin she bought it, & used it. i’m FUCKING honoured to be the owner of it now. it’s maroon velvet or something, but it looks black. it’s so BOXY! i love it. love it. LOVE IT. thanks KAK!! & mind ya, today is the 1st day. & it’s rare that i get THAT kinda many packets. & thanks to bro in law — BENJO for those LOVELOVELOVELY jewelleries from africa!! he works there ya c… & i am so in love with the necklace. There’s necklace, earrings, ring & bangle. & yes, like sara says — all 3 of us feel like CLEOPATRA. we’re the cleolosers tho. WATEVER. & dear sisters, we shall exchange the jewelleries soon. FEEL FREE TO BORROW MINE IF YA HAFTA.]

well — as u can see… the pix r ugly today. im sorry. i was too busy staring into space ): i promise nicer ones tomorrow — or whenever. PROMISE. nice & pleasant sight. (:
apologies for the pix. ): but as u cn see, asra has been my model since ytd. she’s with our little niece Aisya. or aishah. or aisha. watever. im positive it;s the first one. PARDON ME.

Tomorrow we’re going to Pak Long’s house.
today was ok2 enjoyble.
the movies we watched in the car was stomach-bursting funny.
Thanks kak for lending me Ratatouille & HSM 2.
i promise i’ll return them as late as i can. KEKEKEKEKE.

well. firstly in the afternoon round 1+pm,
sis came with family.. to our house..
& then went out — [excluding mum cus she going dialysis]
to first house:
sis’s mum in law. Wak kiah.

oooh. full house yaw!
me & my sisters were constantly pushed around & forced to move from one place to another like palestinians.
but kecoh.
but since we dunno them much — especially me -.-“
so it wasnt THAT kecoh in our part.
so we made lame little jokes amongst ourselves. giggled by ourselves. talked amongst ourselves. ate by ourselves. camwhored ourselves.
we’re sad little people. but a contented one.
we were VERY LONG over there.

there;s lotsa nice2 pix in sis’s cams.
i duntink i cn get hold of them anytime soon.
so… OK OK. I’M SORRY. -.-” i’ll get nice pix kay.

the kuehs were satisfying yaw.

2nd house was Benjo’s aunt.
not as crowded.
just a quiet little reunion.
& a mighty short one.

& uhh. then
went off to clementi — thanks kak for the ride =D
pick up mum.
all 4 of us.

3rd sis was a little uptight abt a qn we brought up.
& thats all.


k dah.
post ends.


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