Yo. today’s post is supposed to be freakyNg..
err.. wats the word i’m looking for..
well.. there’s LOADS to talk about!!
maybe tonight — or tomorrow morning.

took LOTSA pichas yo!
&& the gift for sara has been wrapped..
credits to asra!!
i didn’t noe i was THAT bad at wrapping.
i suck.

& mum’s cooked!
myb tomorrow she’s baking a cake.
the smell is fucking heavenly..
pity i gotta get to work.
i dunwan pack the food.
#1: i’m shy. & duwan to be labelled kental. [i mean i am, but duwan to be labelled double kental u c..]
#2: some busybody might want to taste2. I WANT IT FOR MY SELFISH ASS ONLY. yo.

so i’ve decided i’d come straight home running. lol. the bus is so fucken late.
so i suppose i gotta RUUNNNN!
& no cheesefries asf..
makes ya fat.
try zinger = fatter.


& today was fun.
i had the honourable jobs of cutting long beans, prawns & peeling eggs for the dishes.
arghhh!! can’t wait to taste’em.
but i HATE washing.
left washing of living room chairs..
& sweeping & mopping.
that’s tonight ofcos.
sara’s coming home tonite.

im hoping for chocs sara!!
ahh well.
i tink im abit too greedy for my liking alrd. -.-“

the only thing i like about raya is..
the scrumptious foods [dishes]
& the kuehs.
& that’s it.

lol yeaa…

nope. i dun like money.
it’s the same as working..
unless i get the same amt as everyone else..
THEY ALL get $200+

/dies laughing

i get lesser than $100.
so there’s nothing to hooray about.

but anyhooooossss…

*jumps up & down*
i simply. can’t. wait. to. come. back. home. tonite.

& the indon dude called.
tis time asra heard it too yo.
& iwas the unlucky brat to pick up the fone.
double EEEKS.

ok dah.
post ends for the moment.

stay tuned (:


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