Massive update

alriteyy.. he’s abit on the emo mood. this little baby. he’s called Orange.
Asra & the finally finished wrapped gift [she wrapped for me] she’s an artist really.. GAWSH. she used to work at Prints, but quitted already & LOVES gift wrapping & has a whole collection of mindfuckingly awesome ribbons.
she — still wrapping. but posing with our juicy boy: Handsome. true to his name, he is.
This was the 2nd ribbon, a wide white color one.
this was the 1st ribbon she tried on. [kinda like trying clothes: gotta find the right match] it’s a slim lilac ribbon.

& like i said.. her mindfuckingly awesome collection of Prints’ ribbons. some of which she bought off ebay at high prices — but apparently it’s worth it — so she says.
busy busy busy.
double busy busy busy.
triple busy busy busy
& she painting our erm. grill yellow. to match our interior yaw. looks good!! [oh, incase u dumb people there dunno watsit for: look at the pic below] it’s for preventing out kitties climbing outside & become lost in the middle of nowhere.
there ya go. looks good! to me. agree with me or die.
Mum’s a witch actually.. caught her in action red handed!
the ingredients
the cubed paru & meat.
our security guards yaw. Only our girl Meelo is missing. ah well. she’s a loner, she is.
i peeled the eggs!! =D

& trimmed the prawns! im so fucken proud of myself.

Okay yo.
so today was a busy busy busy day!
Sara DID come home today & news travels. (:
she didnt buy any choccies..

Tmr’s hari raya.
i’ve been receiving cheerful sms-es saying “hapy hari raya & maaf zahir batin” from DOZENS of people.

& i cried otw home from work.
But im fine now.
i’m just so fucking relieved.
that’s all.

work was okay i suppose.
company was great.
there’s zul. the new guy [i still dunno his name; i forgot lah. sorryla. -.-“]. wanling. suhaimi. see ho.
& i didnt bring my visor & nametag.
so had to use another colleague’s.
i’d rather have been fired.

& thanks ling for allowing me to come home early!
there was still TONNES to clean yaw!

Credits: Thanks to Asra for Wrapping of gift, ribbons & for being a good company today.

& adilah has just smsed kyn:
‘selamat ari raye maaf zahir dan batin. semoga dlm hari yg suci ini kita dpt berbaik semula “

it’s up to u kyn.
wat do u tink.

juznw when i came home from work saw her nearby pasar & she actually
WAVED & smiled at me.

i just nodded unsmilingly yaw.
i noe. how could i do that.
how bitchy could i get.

i should really start writing my birthday card to sara.
tmr asra’s gonna cook.
if she’s gonna cook,
i’ll present my gift tmr.
i can’t fucking believe tmr i can stuff my face with food.
i mean,
1 month of fasting & not looking food in the face
& suddenly it’s right there in my face& i can eat
OPENLY w/o people thinking low of me.

i LOVE food.

Oh & jus now watched Salam Lebaran at Suria.
great job!
they should call in more malaysians.
aaron was cute!
gagap yerrrr…
& the new hot face currently is that aliff boy.
ah well.
i dun understand why.
but watever. i dun have to.
i am SATISFIED with this year’s show!!
last year’s SUCKED beyond SUCKEH.
no, really.

but tis year..

i know i should be sleeping now & WOAH!
it’s 12.54am.

so wat.
Ok. Post ends.

p/s: Oh, & thanks to our mly neighbor [i still dunno wat their names are -.-”, i noe.. i noe.. wat kinda person am i] for the mindfuckingly generous amount of edibles that have been coming from your place to ours! we bless you with our mum’s. LOLOLOL. & thanks for the duit raye!! appreciate it much! have a SAFE trip to your sister’s at kampung kays! <33

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada kawan2, kanak2, ibu-bapa dan seluruh umat islam yang menyambut hari lebaran ini. Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Halalkan makan-minum.

pp/s: i kinda feel bad for saying i don’t wanna work nxwk.
im sorry ling. ): but u may call me on my normal alternate days if u nd me kay: mon, wed or fri.
ur an awesome manager did u noe that. <33

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