& ytd’s leftovers

i sumhw look weird.. i dunno wat..

(: otw back.
ok. candid la

Ouh. i dunno how to peel bawang.
i pray mum teaches me.
i suck at the kitchen.
i’ll learn someday.

you noe.. i’ve just been thinking..
what some people & teachers must feel like..
because most of us little devils are gonna go out into the world..
screaming with freedom, with their results & bubbletea in one hand.

i noe i hated a whole bunch of teachers.
would i get into trouble if i mentioned them?
well. come to think of it..
the only teachers i absolutely loved from the moments i set my eyes on them till now,
ms jane. form teacher & math teacher of sec 1 & 2.
& mr lok. form teacher & english teacher of sec 3.
sec 4?
LOL. lets just say they all died.

i know i dislike my form teacher.
always nagging — when nobody’s bothered with how u look like.

& blah blahs.

she’s a goody2
i dunlike goody-goody people.
they’re fuh-reaks.

anyway people.
jznw cut my hands while peeling onion & garlic..

im in such bhgfhtftjlkmloigv pain!!!

i tink i go rest nw. updates ltr2 la kiees.


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