kyn? did u actually wear contact lenses? LOL. ok, my face? should be splashed with a tall glass of cold water.
alalala.. so adorable la kan.

ok. just couldn’t be bothered. its otw home on 51 for god’s sakes. who wants to face the camera? I DO.
HEE! so comel. even in the dark, we look as cutteeee as buttons.
(: we hv such hateful chubby cheeks. well — i do. tat is.
oops. wrong angle yaw.
& we never fail to get ice creams. (: that girl.. i feel like strangling her. i asked for CONE not wafer!! kyn! u said wwafer.. see she got confused!! -.-” i din get my cone )’:
we both weren’t ready.
kyn. r u headbanging or sumtin? cuz i juzt can’t make out wat ur tryin ta do.

(: in esplanades toilet. wat do u expect?
heee. && me..
& me again… ok. screw that.
DUN LOOK AT ME. -.-” i hv such tembam cheeks. im so. not. proud. of. it.
cute lah kyn. dah. diam.
& again — dun LOOK AT MY FACE. -.-” geezuz. i tink i am so unphotogenic today. dunno wats wrong yaw.
ok. frightfully horrible. & candid. i look like i was gonna say: “FACK YEEHHH” but no. i didnt. i 4got wat i ws saying. but i’ll publish it anyway. who’s gonna read huhhh? x) YO.

Oh. & this lady? is fucking sexy. as in, like.. she belongs to lorong geylang. u noe? i was FREAKING interested. not in her. just fascinated BY her. LAWL. cool outfit LAYDEHH. x))
she was standing at the FEP’s bustop. hw cud i say no to my camera phone? x)
ala kyn.. PLEEEZ..
gotcha!! NYEHx5
y so emo kyn.. -.-“
& me. see my teeth? & tats the wrapping paper i bought. the slippery sign has nothing watsoever to do w me. I SWEAR.

ok. spastic i noe. wat do u expect from me? GLAMOROUS PICS? -.-” go somewhere else if it’s a pain in ur ass. (:
we both promised to make the same mouths. & we did.

i have a feeling tis was at heeren. i tink it was.
ouuuu… aren’t we adorable…. agree with me or die.
i wasnt ready — yet again.

manjerrr nyeeee (:

Helloouuu.. im back from my outing with dearest kental queen NORASHIKIN BTE IBRAHIM. heh!

firstly, we took 143 & stopped at somerset.
went towards heeren.
there, i bought my sister’s mug & some wrapping papers. oh. & dun forget. a lovely birthday card. im gona write some sweet things in it. no, really. x)
& then we went to hmv & err.. played around. with the err. ok. lets jus say we listened to afew songs.

& then after that we went to.. i tink it was far east..
looked for kyn’s shoes.
no cheap ones.
so we took bus to bugis.
& there. she spent half of my lifespan looking for shoes.
no, really.
*evil laugh*

it was freaking hot.
& she said:
“sorry eh asfa, muke kau mcm tk suke je..”
suke? SUKE?
i dunlike hot stuffy places.
neither do i adore the sun.
so it’s normal if u c my face as cramped as that.
dun worry, it wun freeze that way.
but anyway, at last,
we got out — she got a cute polkadot ones.
& nobody was hurt at all.

so then, we went towards esplanade..
& spent some time there.
we bought icecream.

eh. i tink i missed something. oh.
before the shoe hunt, we buka at lido’s LJS.
i ordered.. & the person gave me free upsize for both orders.
i dunno wats wrong.. but i tink im thankful enough not to say anything?
i could feel my eyes popping out of the sockets.

well– thanks for finishing my coke for me.
i habsolutely cannot finish it.
ur so reliable kyn, it hurts.

we went home round 9.50+
took 51 from peninsula.
& dadadaa.
we’re home right now..
happily blogging our asses off..
well, i am, anyway.

& 11pm’s my curfew.
i dunno wats wrong with him.
even before we were together..
i even came home with kyn round 11.30..
be thankful my dear.
today i looked so shabby..
nobody would want to rape me.
they’d rather rape my mum.

& besides.. look on the sunny side! i’m HOME alrd.
alrite. post ends.

p/s: 2-3 more days to the DREADFUL DAY called hari raya. FFFFFFFather MOTHER SISTER BROTHER larrr!!!! gawsh. i just cant swear tonight. im tired. ❤
& i.had.fun.


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